Have you been to a New York City park lately? Madison Square Park is a huge advertisement "sculpture" and Union Square just had a corporate concert associated with a car company, who had SUVs on display to sell to Manhattanites.

Just a few minutes ago, a couple of guys showed up at the literature rack at the TIME'S UP! space and dropped off some advertisements. One is for a corporate concert in Central Park and another is for yet another "car concert" event in Randall's Island Park. They stopped and took a photo of their handiwork -- right next to our stack of TIME'S UP! calendars.

Let the record show that TIME'S UP! does not support private takeover of public parks, especially for the purpose of selling cars. We want cars out of the parks.

Those interested in these corporate events might wish to read the advertisements. Copies can be found inthe bottom of our recycling bin.