Ever since Kayne West made statements that President Bush does not
care about Blacks, corporate media has attempted to try to make
him eat his words. But the mercury multitalented entertainer must not
be intimidated by these punks. Pretty much, he has given rap a
better image that they never will. The only thing that corporate
media ever does right is keep tone downed crap going in circles.
On the other hand, instead of looking like Kayne West fell in gold
tooth paste, a gentlemen appears. However, Bush not only does
not care about Blacks, he does not even care about his own people
of color. And it goes even deeper than that. Every body who is not
over the edge about money like Bush and his bumbs are, you can best
believe he does not care about them either. One should not be
blinded sided by all of the perceived humanitarian aid flowing in to New
Orleans or most of it's fled residents. It is all a game. But it is one
that the government has to correct. Nevertheless, the whole
situtation in Louisianne had the potential to be avoided. You have
to remember, this is a wealthy country. What is the cause of so many
problems is, being too caught up in self-preservation--money--while at
same time being selfish. Until this cauntry get's it straight on those
two issues, there will be NOTHING to envy about the United States.

Kayne West, stick to your guns!