Its amazing and also tragic that the federal govt. or the local authorities on the huricane Katrian ravaged gulf coast, didn't at once contact the well known "Miracle Men of God" like Billy Graham and Benny Hin and Earnest Angsley etc. to come immediately to New Orleans and enact some of their well know miracles for the desperate,dying and dead folks there.

Of course Billy Graham is getting old but he could still come there,get on the microphone and shout "J-E-S-U-S" a bunch of times and "Yea behold the power of G-A-W-D" etc..His many followers can attest to just how miraculous Graham's flamboyant diction and rhetoric can be.Earnest Angsley has proven he can heal people just by getting them to put their hand on a t.v. screen - so maybe FEMA can deliver a truckload of t..v.sets to the victims? Of course the most powerful of the "Miracle Men of God" is Benny Hin who has demonstrated again and again in huge stadiums across the U.S. and the world that the Lord has personally picked him and given him a special power to heal whoever he wants to!

Sure Benny Hin and Billy Graham etc. are paid (or collect) $Millions whenever they perform er..preach but surely FEMA and the US Govt. could come with the necessary cash to bring these miracle healers to New Orleans and the devestated gulf coast? Not only could they perform their standard miracles but just by having them there,these hand picked men of Jesus would also bring all the hurricane victims so much closer to God too! So come on "Miracle Men" do your stuff! Amen$