TEIC wishes to express condolences and support to the victims of Katrina. We have developed Human Economics, and we are in the process of attempting to transfer our knowledge to the Government of Canada, that could easily give massive financial help to the victims, with the application of Human Economics. We hope the American authorities can persuade our Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, to assist the victims with our technical help. We would hope that the staffs of brilliant, compassionate and dedicated actors like Pitt, Clooney and so many others, would flood the office of Martin and Harper, the “retrogrades” in the Canadian government.

There is a global economic solution to the Katrina devastation that will resolve the present fix of the victims and would assist other areas of human misery in the World. To assist the Katrina victims we must have the opportunity to address the General Assembly of the UN, to mobilize all countries towards a reorientation of the global economic process to generate new, abundant financing, beneficial to all the countries of the world in an identical manner. Katrina is a wake-up-call for Humanity to address the problem of human misery. It can be done, and the solution is easy and will come once we address the General Assembly of the UN. Present Global Economics is outdated, obsolete, and incapable to meet today needs of Humanity. It requires major repair work, fine-tune adjustment and permanent maintenance. It is necessary that the Canadian Government send me to address the General Assembly as an envoy properly empowered BY THE PRIME MINISTER HIMSELF. ( A nobody like me cannot go to that elevated rostrum to blurt his views to the Assembly. That individual must represent something important and respectable, like the Prime Minister of Canada, himself ).

This Canadian Address to the General Assembly would dwell on equal access by all countries to Human Economics, and the consequent immense increase of each nation’s new financing capable to cope with human misery such as Katrina, and other permanent disasters such as the abject poverty in the Third World and the death every three seconds of a child in the marginal world. If Canada empowers me with the eloquence and sincerity to persuade a democratic majority of the UN members in the Assembly, Humanity would have a new tool to correct natural and man-made disasters.

TEIC is giving strong support to Jack Layton to become Prime Minister in December, when a federal election will take place. He is ethical, dedicated to Canadians, and a hard working individual capable to face disaster. Under him, once the mandate of Bush is over, the Canada-American relations will become exemplary:

Here is the most recent letter we have published in our “patient” confrontation with our present neo-fascist government:

In a fraudulent false economy, like “the thing” called globalization the misguided and disoriented government of the United States is forced to appeal to the charity of the public and of other Nations, to meet such a massive and overwhelming tragedy of Katrina affecting a large sector of the population of America.
Once Canada has Jack Layton sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair, elected by an overwhelming majority of apolitical, honest and hard-working Canadians, he would be empowered if he listen to Human Economists counsel, to lend a hand to the American citizens that are crushed by the Katrina flood, and redress the economic recovery of those victims within a period not exceeding six months.
Once that judicious new Prime Minister tune himself to his duties within Human Economics, he will be empowered to abolish poverty in Canada in a period of less than two years and to achieve full employment within 12 months. He would help other Nations to achieve the same objectives through secret, reciprocal, equivalent bilateral agreements. No more paternalism: just global, fair democratic economics oriented to the Human being and the recovery of the Planet.
The pseudo economists of globalization get away with murder, without having to prove their cabalistic occultism. Now, through Indymedia we are talking face to face. Get out of your hiding, foolish politicians, and have the courage to stand up and defend your mockery of economics.
I am sending each and every Member of Parliament (through their leaders) a copy of this challenge, in order that the Canadian elector may have the time to evaluate what really Martin, Harper, Bush, Rumsfeld and all the Gods of Global Extremism are. I think that if our shiny Members of Parliament do not have the guts to rebut, they better decide not to stand for re-elections. If they do they will be laughed out of town. If there are no rebuttals in a period of two weeks, the Liberal and Conservative parties must present the Constitutional Act of Dissolution of the Parties to the Supreme Court of Canada, and the leaders will encourage their supporters to rally behind Layton in an apolitical popular front, for him to constitute a government of reconciliation and national unity.
With respect, TEIC asks Mr. Layton to contacts us. He will need modern technical help to prepare his economic platform, and that specialized technical advice can only be obtained in TEIC. I do not know this gentleman. I respect his ethics and his dedication to his job. Neither TEIC needs nor wants favors. We just have a job to do for Canada. (and for America, in the disaster of Katrina).
So, in brief Prime Minister, resign immediately. The leader of the opposition must do likewise. It is urgent to have a government of national unity and reconciliation capable to convert our non-existent economy into real, bread-and-butter, human economics. Your political parties are outdated, obsolete, a mere hindrance in the progress of our Nation. Just allow a democratic government headed by Mr. Layton, correct the blunders of your regressive politics since 1984, when Mulroney came to power as a curse to Canada and Canadians.
Electors of Canada (and citizens of the USA), email us your requests to have your own copy of Counter Attack, our Treatise on Human Economics. You will need to evaluate the economic program that Layton will present in his electoral campaign. Keep those emails coming in the interest of your children and the future of our Nation, until a Canadian Publisher has the guts to publish a politically incorrect treatise pioneering the economics of the future. (My agent is:  Jennifer@stylusagency.com but I would prefer to replace Stylus Literary Agency by a Canadian Agency).
I think that the electorate of Canada is beginning to have fun, and I bet the next election is going to be a very festive and happy occasion.

Best regards,

Jorge Torrealba, Director General,
Techno Economics International consultants,
Halifax, NS, Canada.
 technomics@eastlink.ca or  humaneconomics@yahoo.ca

cc: 4 leaders in Parliament + MP McDonough.


AMERICAN FRIENDS: email our Prime Minister insisting that your victims of Katrina need the assistance of our Techno Economists: his address is:  Martin.P@parl.gc.ca . Stephen Harper is the Leader of the Opposition and his email is:  Harper.S@parl.gc.ca . We beg Americans to forward our message to beautiful human beings such as Pratt, Clooney, Degeneres, Oprah and so many others that are showing the world compassion and selflessness to help the victims of Katrina.
Although Bush and company are disliked all over the world, in times like this we must forget our political emotions. Kindly ask the president of the USA to call Martin to give him a pep talk and a good spanking.
Finally, kindly contact those good men Bush Sr. and Clinton, to given an additional pep talk and spanking to rigid, arrogant and authoritarian Martin.