EBS needs your help to break the monopoly of misinformation being fed to those in FEMA occupied New Orleans. In order that residents receive proper information as to resource distribution, EBS will be bringing wireless communications to people in and around New Orleans, setting up mobile info-points where they can access internet, e-mail and make phone calls to friends and family. For example, there are currently thousands of people offering mutual aid on Craig's list and other internet sites, while the people that most need of such mutual aid are unaware and have no access. EBS will reach those people who have been misinformed and neglected by the “official channels” of communication and connect them with the thousands of people around the country willing and able to provide real support.

How Can You Help EBS:

*Donate Money (Paypal, or mail checks/money/money orders to Elliott Madison at 425 W. 47th Street, NY, NY 10036)

*Donate computers (specifically laptops)

*Folding tables and chairs

* -Donate items can be returned after their use, just let us know.

* Come with us, and help those who do not know how to use computers access them. If you wish to help in anyway, please contact EBS at: 718-666-5890 or email  ebsinfopoint@yahoo.com

EBS is an anarchist project in New York City.

Visit our website:  http://www.dominantfiction.com/EBS.html for updates and info on how to get involved.