There are many unanswered questions about Geroge W. Bush's nominee to the United States Supreme Court. The slow release of memos and papers by John Roberts leaves the impression that the White House is hiding things that could dirty John Roberts conservative but otherwise clean image. Roberts stand on affirmative action and protecting the voting rights of African Americans is on the extreme right. Roberts a Harvard law graduate the guy who will smile you in the face and take away your right to vote behind your back?

Roberts wrote memos while working for the Reagan white house advocating ways in which the White House could weaken the enforcement of the landmark voting rights act. He has also argued against affirmative action and advised Bush on legal tactics to steal the 2000 election wherein thousands of African Americans were disenfranchised by being criminally purged from voter rolls by Bush's brother. Is this the Republican Party that wants to increase its number of black supporters.

His record on the protection of civil liberties is just as dubious, ruling against the rights of prisoners in Guantanamo and against a teenager who was searched and seized by the D.C. metro police for eating a French fry. Roberts is clearly pro-police, pro-corporate cleptocracy, pro-life and pro-white...

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