There was a triangle pink
That caused a bit of a stink
For a holocaust survivor
It’s a horrible reminder
Whether Jew, Faggot, Honky or Chink

For some it has meant liberation
For some it’s a slight irritation
The pink many gripe,
Is a stereotype
Like a flag that defines a whole nation

As annoying as bright rainbow flags
Screaming to all, “We are fags”
The symbols seem dated
Though the queers are still hated
And their girlfriends are still branded hags

The first of the fallen Mike Judge
Was known to enjoy packing fudge
Though loyal and loved
When push came, he was shoved
His gayness a wink and a nudge

Rugby hero Mark Bingham was gay
How many others, well no one can say
Their partners aplenty
With their lives sad and empty
Donations did slow come their way

Still others, for a nation devastated
Signed up for war, thought related
Now they toil in Iraq
In an unarmored truck
But orientation still cannot be stated

Senator Santorum, Rick Perry
Who say they’re not gay, but are merry
Warn agenda’s quite great
As they legislate hate
Like poor Robertson, Pat, Falwell Jerry

But just like terrorist attacks
Homos must still pay their tax
For those, there’s no doubt
There’ll be no singling out
And the bigots will ride on their backs