In three days, Frances Newton is scheduled to die by lethal injection in Texas, while evidence points to her innocence. Find out what activists are doing in Houston to get the message to Governor Rick Perry to stop the execution. And the Minutemen are coming! Actually, they already came – the anti-immigrant group known for their vigilante patrols of the US Mexico border held a meeting in Long Island this weekend. We’ll hear from one group at the scene. And we’ll close out the show with a look at firebrand lawyer Clarence Darrow – a theatrical interpretation of his life will take place on Saturday, to support one of today’s leading activist lawyers, Lynne Stewart.

Frances Newton Update
GUEST: Gloria Rubac, a longtime anti-death penalty activist in Houston Texas

The Minutemen are Coming! Run!
GUEST: Daryle Lamont Jenkins, founder of One People's Project

Clarence Darrow Play
GUEST: Actor Gary Anderson who plays Darrow in "Clarence Darrow – The Man, The Legend"

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We are in Washington DC and will be bringing you the hearings live as well as previewing what you can expect from these nomination hearings to this oh-so-important life-time appointment. We go to New Orleans, where Malik Rahim remains in his home in the Algiers section of the city. We’ll talk to a reporter about the environmental impact of the hurricane, and what the Department of Homeland Security could have done to avert the disaster in the Gulf Coast. One family escaped the city, but like many were left with no information on the whereabouts of their relatives – we hear about their search for their 101 year old great aunt. And WE hear the story of one transgendered evacuee arrested for showering in the women’s bathrooms in a Texas arena.

John Roberts Nomination Hearings Begin Today
GUEST: Peter Irons, author of People's History of the Supreme Court

New Orleans Update
GUEST: Malik Rahim, a longtime activist in New Orleans and a former member of the Louisiana chapter of the Black Panther Party
GUEST: Monica Mills, in Houston, Texas, whose family was evacuated from New Orleans.

Transgendered Woman Arrested in TX Shelter
GUEST: Laura Hensley, staff reporter with the Bryan-College Station Eagle, in Bryan Texas.
GUEST: Ann Robison, Executive Director of the Montrose Counseling Center in Houston Texas

Homeland Security, Chemical Spills: NOLA update Part 2
GUEST: Chris Strohm, reporter with Government Executive Magazine

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Documentary special on September 11

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