Great News! Juanita Young Found 'Not Guilty!'
This is a quick alert!

Juanita Young was found not guilty today in Bronx Supreme Court by Judge P. Benitez. After a four day trial taking place more than two years after the initial incident. The courtroom drama included the Bronx DA producing several witnesses--including Juanita's former landlord, the former super, and the arresting police officer, and a representative from the City's Housing Authority--who contradicted one way or another either themselves or the DA's assertions, and where Juanita herself took the witness stand for two days of cross examination and redirects, Judge Benitez declared that Juanita Young was not trespassing when she was arrested in her own home on the morning of June 7, 2003 in an illegal eviction carried out by the NYPD, and engineered by her landlord.

Members of the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality have long held that the illegal eviction of Juanita Young was politically motivated one, and that it was directed at silencing dissension in the post-911 political climate. Juanita Young was represented by Geoffrey Stewart of the Stewart Law Offices.

Juanita Young is a well known and outspoken anti-police brutality activist who first came into political light with the police killing of her son, Malcolm Ferguson, in March 2000 in the Soundview section of the Bronx. Juanita has since been an activist with the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, and with the Justice Committee of the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights. Juanita is one of the recent signers of a letter introducing "New Orleans: A Call to Resist!" a statement that is beginning to circulate the country condemning the government's criminal negligence in the enveloping social and political crisis caused by Hurricane Katrina.

The illegal eviction carried out against Juanita Young and her family in June 2003 left her and three children homeless for three months. At the time of her arrest, NYPD cop Hernandez declared to her, "No rallies for you today." Juanita was also manhandled and brutalized in the course of her illegal eviction and arrest and continues to suffer from those injuries sustained on that day over two years ago.

We will be looking forward building for this year's October 22nd National Day to Stop Police Brutality (NDP); and to the civil suit action that will go forward with the conclusion of the criminal trial.

The next organizing meeting for NDP-10 will be on Saturday, September 17 at 2pm, at Project Reach, 1 Orchard Street, Chinatown/Lower East Side. F train to East Broadway.