Mass Bike Ride in Support of Norman Siegel

6:30 - Union Square South (Tuesday 9/13)

This is your last chance to support Norman Siegel who has been supporting
you for over 35 years.
Come join us in a celebration ride spreading the word to get out the vote in
support of Norman Siegel for Public Advocate.
Let’s not forget that when most people were debating whether the city was
involved in stealing peoples bicycles, Norman Siegel was collecting the
evidence on video tape and heading to Federal Court to prove that this did
occur. In a lawsuit which he won, he proved the NYPD was illegally seizing
peoples bicycles.
He has constantly been a friend and a true advocate to the people of New
York City.

You have the right to ride your bicycle without a permit.
You have the right to free speech.
You have the right to assemble without a permit.

TIME’S UP! Stop being so complacent- lets hit the streets in support of our
rights and Norman.
Please spread the email and call your friends.