Today, really since the late 60's, leftist discussion all too often becomes righteous, just-do-it oriented, or gets into silly quasi-theoretical discussions of global vs. community oriented activism (which is really a variation of the all-american impulse to just-do-it and essentially stop thinking). This breeds a climate where we fail to think ahead constructively, strategically and tactically.

What if Roe v. Wade gets overturned?

We should be ready, even anticipating this likely outcome.

Providing perhaps regular buses for women to travel to states where they can have a legal abortion.

Perhaps now is the time to start to organize a mock-caravan of buses from states where it is likely to become illegal, to states where it will be legal. This will testify to our committment to continue to see the world that we believe in, despite what the dominant power structure is. We have to live our principles in the years to come, more then perhaps ever before.


I throw this 'out there' to get the ball rolling towards thinking ahead, in a different and imaginative way.

We need to build links of resistance across class and race. Not because community work is more important then global work, but because new networks need to be put in place to deal effectively with what will surely be a significant challenge for the radical and progressive left in the years to come. It won't be enough to create new tactics of disruption, or to create strong skill-share orientation. A different type of network is needed. A support structure in essence for not only resistance but more.

Actions-in -eaction and with the media *mainly* in mind, are not enough in this climate. Such things will only be truly effective in the long run if we have backbone in our principles, to carry it out.


We have to start thinking ahead, differently. With different assumptions.

I.e. what if Roe v. Wade gets overturned? What if every IMF type meeting is Miami-style police-monitored. etc.

We won't be effective if we don't start looking ahead in a new way: a way that has to do with not only appealing and inciting change, but is also connected to a collective and almost convergence-like network oriented toward actually making the change we believe is important, in the here and now, as we face these increasingly core-capitalist 'family values' regime's Control.