HOUR THREE In Guantanamo, at least 128 detainees are now on hunger strike, protesting their indefinite detention and alleged beating at the prison. 18 men are now being force-fed intravenously to prevent their death. We’ll get an update from the lawyer representing many of the prisoners. Some enterprising radio activists have set up a new station serving the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans. We go to them live. And as the UN gathers for the World Summit this week, we’ll get an update on the happenings at the Summit from Elombe Brath. SEGMENT: Low Power FM Station on the air in Algiers, Louisiana GUEST: Bradley, a radio activist with Free Radio Santa Cruz, now in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans SEGMENT: 128 Guantanamo Detainees now on Hunger Strike GUEST: Clive Stafford Smith, Legal Director of Justice In Exile, who is representing many Guantanamo detainees SEGMENT: United Nation Update with Elombe Brath Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR TWO Tonight, Frances Newman faces execution for the murder of her husband and children. She has always insisted that she is innocent. We bring you the latest on her appeals to the Supreme Court and efforts to seek a stay from Governor Perry. WBAI’s Rosa Clemente is reporting from the Gulf Coast – she was in New Orleans, and is now in Jackson Mississippi. She reports on what she’s seen, and what it means for the Black community that most journalists covering the crisis are white. The UN is holding the World Summit this week. Most of the leaders gathering in midtown are men – will women’s issues be given voice at the summit? The Gender Monitoring Group of the World Summit is determined to make sure women are heard. First, yesterday the questions got tougher at the John Roberts confirmation hearings, with Senators seeking answers about his stance on Roe V Wade. But solid answers were hard to come by. We’ll bring you the highlights from the day. SEGMENT: Roberts Hearings Highlights SEGMENT: D-day for Frances Newton GUEST: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee SEGMENT: Rosa Clemente from New Orleans GUEST: Rosa Clemente, WBAI Reporter SEGMENT: UN World Summit GUEST: June Zeitlin, Ex. Dir. of the Woman's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR ONE Documentary special: Haitian Marine - more info coming soon Download as MP3 || Listen Now!