NOW has organized a rally to be held at Union Sq. 5:30, today, Thursday 15th. in opposition to Roberts' nomination to the Supreme court.

I had been kinda wondering where the organizations have been all week. After all, this could affect us for a very long time. If we want to save ourselves alot of energy in the future we would be wise to give an effort today. I urge anyone reading this to make a final attempt and to make our voices heard. You can also email senators and call the White House Comment Line.

Email senators today:

Call the White House Comment Line (You talk with a live secretary. Tell 'em you oppose Roberts' nomination due to his track record on Roe vs. Wade- or pick from a long list of other reasons.):
White House Comment Line:

202 456-1111

"Bother" your friends with this info. Cut and paste the web-addresses in this article and email your friends urging them to respond and call. Some of my friends had a great time calling the White House Comment Line. None of them will feel them this is important.