HOUR THREE Ariel Fernandez Diaz joins us to talk about hiphop in Cuba. We continue to explore the underreported impacts of Hurricane Katrina, with a focus on the long-term environmental toll. The area between New Orleans and Baton Rouge was already known as Cancer Alley – with factories throughout the area spilling chemicals into the Mississippi, how toxic is the water now, and what responsibility will companies have for cleaning up the mess? And we’ve just passed the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, a marker that almost got lost in the aftermath of Katrina. The two beams of light shone again from Ground Zero, and speakers gathered to mark the losses of that day. But for immigrant communities, the impacts are still felt every day. Four years after the towers fell, their communities are under attack in America. Author Tram Nguyen documents the human cost of the domestic war on terror. We are All Suspects Now GUEST: Tram Nguyen, Author of We Are All Suspects Now; Untold Stories FromImmigrant Communities After 9-11, published by Beacon Press. Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Coast Environment GUEST: Daryl Malik Wiley has been an environmental activist in the New Orleans area for more than 30 years. He covers the Gulf Coast area for the Sierra club. Hiphop in Cuba GUESTS: Ariel Fernandez Diaz, Cuban HipHop promoter and activistGuest host: Sharan Harper Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR TWO WBAI’s Errol Maitland is in New Orleans. Despite the round-the-clock media focus on the Gulf Coast, there are many voices we are not hearing. He brings us some of the untold stories of the city. Jeremy Scahill joins us from New Orleans, where he’s been reporting this week. And WBAI isn’t the only grassroots media outlet covering the hidden impacts of the hurricane – there’s a new issue of the Indypendent newspaper out today. We’ll get highlights of the special issue. First, Capitol Hill saw another day of pointed questions and vague answers at Judge John Roberts’ confirmation hearings. Roberts insisted that his early track record as a lawyer for the Reagan justice department did not indicate how he would rule on issues like voting rights and affirmative action. But many senators and observers say that after three days of hearings, they still have little information about Roberts’ perspective on critical issues likely to come before the Supreme Court. Highlights from the John Roberts Confirmation Hearings Frances Newton Executed in Texas GUEST: Gloria Rubac - long time anti-death penalty activist.GUEST: Kofi Taharka - Chairman of the National Black United Front in Houston TexasGUEST: Hitaji Aziz, activist in Houston and producer at sister stationKPFT Special Issue of the Indypendent GUEST: Jed Brandt, Volunteer with the Indypendent PDF of the newspaper at the NY IMC website Jeremy Scahill from New Orleans GUEST: Jeremy Scahill, with Democracy Now and the Nation Magazine Katrina After the Storm Produced by Errol Maitland and Kobie Maitland, from New Orleans Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR ONE Documentary Special - American Dreams: The Story of Alan Mobley Producer: Christopher Sprinkle In the ealy 1980's, Mobley was a teenaged drug dealer who built an empire - becoming the largest cocaine dealer in all of Southern California. He had the mansion, the Ferrari, the lifestyle. At 22, he was busted and sent away on the longest conviction ever given to a nonviolent drug offender. In prison, he hit bottom, but brought himself up by educating himself and discovering yoga and Buddhism. Today, he has his PhD in criminology and teaches at UC Irvine. How he got from prison to there is a fascinating and inspiring story of determination and inner strength. Download as MP3 || Listen Now!