I just wanted to take a moment and point out the work that activists in DC have been engaged in.

I know very little details but I have come accross a few announcements while surfing the web for activism against the Roberts nomination in DC. For instance:
I think it's important to aknowledge that there is visible opposition out there for this man.

Roberts has been defined as a moderate in some media outlets, but we have very little reason to believe that. All we know is that he answers question evasively. The senators could and should turn him down due to the fact that the all memos weren't released and he won't give his opinions; there is simply not enough ground given to form a decision.
He's an ultra conservative in the same vein as Renequist and has stated his opposition to Roe vs. Wade in the past, and other basic rights like the curtailment of habeus corpus in the courts. He worked for the Bush campaign in the 2000 Fla. recount scandle. He is a friend of big corporations and is invested in major brands (this is something that is apparently not looked well upon as it may influence a judges decision in certain cases.) The list goes on...