The 6th ave. bike lane, from 39th st. to 42 nd st., has become a parking lane for numerous police barricades. The trail of wooden objects forces bike riders to squeeze into tightly congested car lanes. Exposed bikers on 25 pound bikes are forced to negoiate traffic space with 1 to 3 ton vechicles. Aggrevating this endangerment of a persons life, is the fact that many of these wooden NYPD death obstacles also jut at numerous intervals into the only path available to riders on the car lane. I suspect that many of these wooden dividers are set in place to secure parking for numerous vehicles with bogus or legitimate parking permits. Nevertheless, the irresponsible and haphazard placing of these obstacles constitute a breach of traffic ordinances. They also expose a continued cultural and normative divide in which the NYPD exercises an evident prejudice for interpreting the law and its obligations. If these very same obstacles were used to protect parked bikes and while doing so endangered cars, in all likely hood the obstacles wood have been removed to renew the flow of polluting car traffic and the bikes would have been stolen by the NYPD. In a town where the great majority of people do not own a car, bikers are hauled off to jail for riding in groups while polluting cars are encouraged into a city with one of the worlds most comprehensive and expensive mass transit system. This past year, 600 bikers have gone to jail for riding a bike, while car drivers must run over somebody and then flee the scene in order share the same fate as the cyclist. Overseeing this exercise in arbitrary interpretation of the law is a short fat public employee named Smolka, who like most other public employees drives to work into the densests community in the nation.

These blockades have a habit of multiplying during many of the fashion events held at Bryant Park. Ironically, they provide an opportunity to display a tragic blood splattered statement. I urge the fellow riders to free the bike lanes from these death traps. It only takes a few minutes to push them aside and restore the limited yet important safety of a bike lane. If you don't do it for yourself, kindly do so for a fellow rider. Do not worry about the NYPD, because in this case they must show how they obtained the authority to endanger a persons life. I also urge TA and Times-Up to show a concerted and responsive interest in this imporant matter.