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Contingent in this year's Pride Parade

Contingent in this year's Pride Parade

All Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer people (and allies) are invited to join a contingent addressing our community's demands that the U.S. pull out of Iraq NOW and end its domination of other countries around the globe. Well before the population of the U.S. in general, the vast majority of LGBTQ people were opposed to the Iraq war. The reasons aren't hard to find:

* The same administration which lied about WMDs in Iraq, lies about our community, dehumanizing us and passing constitutional amendments to make us second-class citizens.

* A government which pours billions into the war on Iraq, killing at least 130,000 Iraqis during the invasion and occupation, cuts funds from proven anti-AIDS programs that actually save lives. These scientifically sound programs are cut because they are associated with gay people. Instead, money is increasingly wasted on useless and dangerous programs like "abstinence only" sex education and other "faith-based" give-aways of tax money to anti-gay religious groups.

* Apologists for the government say U.S. troops are used to promote freedom and democracy, but the United States has no problem propping up despotic regimes such as Saudi Arabia, which beheads gays, backing military dictatorships such as Pakistan, and attempting to overthrow elected governments, including several in Latin America.

The same government that prefers funding a war for oil to meeting the needs of poor and Black people of New Orleans, has little more regard for the needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Americans.
Initiated by the Gay Liberation Network in Chicago. For more information, email, visit our website,, or call 773-209-1187.