NYC Citywide Youth/Student World Can't Wait Meeting

To plan citywide walkouts at schools and colleges on November 2nd!
Sunday, Sept. 18, 4-6pm@ St. Paul's/St. Andrew's Church W. 86th St.
and Westend(take the local 1 or 9).

If you're sick of this war in Iraq, of the mass murder in New Orleans
by the Bush regime, the fact that the right to abortion could be
taken away soon, and more. . . then join up with a movement to Drive
Out the Bush Regime!

Youth and students need to be at the forefront of this movement with
audacity and determination. November 2nd will be a day where normal
life grinds to a halt and massive resistance sweeps across the

This meeting Sunday will put out a call for students in NYC to
WALKOUT on November 2nd, and start organizing youth everywhere to
take this up. If you want to do something that can actually change
history, then come to the meeting on Sunday and become an organizer.

GO TO, get down