As I reported earlier, the United Nations is reportedly planning to investigate the alleged use of Shannon Airport, Co. Clare by the CIA to transport detainees to countries where they can be tortured on behalf of the Bush Administration, in what is called “extraordinary rendition”.

A reader suggests that Shannon Airport may not be the only airport that is so used:

“US military regularly use the South Donegal Erne corridor (4 miles from Atlantic to N. Ireland border) and used it intensively before and during the first US/Iraq war. Donegal comes under Manchester air control so this sort of thing is not recorded by Irish aviation authorities. At present I regularly (maybe fortnightly) see 3 planes flying in miltary formation, travelling N. East (Glasgow route?). I find myself wondering is this the rendition plane, with escort? Shannon is not the only place we Irish commit war crimes.”

As Mayo is about halfway between Clare and Donegal, is Knock International Airport also available as a pitstop for torture flights?

And what about other airports in Ireland?

The use of torture is a war crime.

If the Taoiseach is knowingly allowing this, then he is a war criminal, for playing second fiddle to an even worse war criminal.