“The time-honored attorney-client privilege is another casualty of the 'war on terror.' Taking their cue from the restrictions placed on lawyers representing Stalin's victims in the 1930s show trials, Justice (sic) Department officials seek to limit attorneys representing terrorist suspects to procedural niceties. Lynne Stewart, attorney for Omar Abdel Rahman, was handed a letter by a Justice (sic) Department prosecutor instructing her how to represent her client. When she did what every good lawyer would do and represented her client aggressively, she was arrested, indicted, and convicted.

Many conservative lawyers have turned a blind eye because Stewart is regarded as a left-wing lawyer whom they dislike. Only a few civil libertarians, such as Harvey Silverglate, have pointed out that prosecutors cannot create felonies by writing letters to attorneys. Stewart was convicted for violating a prosecutor's letter (technically, a Special Administrative Measure). This should make it obvious even to the blind that American democracy has lost all control over law.”

In an earlier article, the former Assistance Secretary under President Ronald Reagan called for the Bushling’s impeachment.

Lynne’s sentencing has been postponed until October 21st. Please click here for guidelines for writing letters to the judge on her behalf. It is important to follow these instructions closely in order to be effective.

Defend the Defender!