A 65 Year old cyclist grandma was killed by a bus on the lower eastside. Jen Shao died on impact. In a community where the vast majority of residents do not own cars, and where bike ownership exceeds car ownership, it is the bikers who are at the mercy of car traffic that originates from outside. Aggrevating this situation is the fact that those who are entrusted with the task of respecting and protecting the community are the same people who engage in the most intense discriminatory measures against cyclists. The NYPD has hauled off 600 cyclist to jail over the course of the year, while at the same time refusing to perform their obligations in defense of these valuable residents. The NYPD parks on the bike lanes more than any other entity combined. The NYPD police barricades haphazardly strew along the bike lanes making them even more scarce. Though, the topic of obligations is not necessarily the same as that of the political and cultural war waged against the cyclists by city-hall. The Mayor authorizes millions of dollars to be spent to follow bikers around NYC while they refuse to spend a dime on the police in order to recieve radar-capacitation in order to curtail the plague of speeding cars that invade our town everyday, endangering both pedestrians and cyclists. Government employees are in fact account for the largest group of polluters and occupiers of public space through the use of their cars. Cars that come in from the outside. Enough is enough, we must take our community back and provide it with the quality of life it is entitled to. Jen Shao is just as valuable to us as is the resident of a community from the burbs. Jen Shao was more valuable because she enjoyed the excercise and calm of a bio-friendly utility. Bikes do not provide the justification for illegal oil-wars or the destruction of the environment.

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