A World To Win News Service forwarded this report from supporters of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist): The people’s war in Nepal is undergoing a new twist in its long march to nationwide political power. The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) announced a unilateral ceasefire for three months beginning 3 September. Coupled with the ceasefire, the party has also initiated a programme for mass mobilisations from 10 September to 3 December.

The main item on the agenda is the overthrow of the feudal monarchy and the achievement of a People’s Republic of Nepal.

This programme include three phases. The first phase, from 10 September to 2 October, involves countrywide political propaganda such as putting up wall posters, leafleting, street-corner speeches and cultural performances in favour of the formation of an interim government, the election of a constituent assembly and the establishment of the People’s Republic of Nepal. The second phase, to last another month, will focus on door-to-door visits aimed at informing the Nepalese people about the current political situation and the party’s policies. These public relations efforts will be accompanied by small-scale development projects. The third phase will see bigger and bigger demonstrations at the district and regional levels and the broad arousal of the masses to achieve the agenda put forward by the party. [READ full report]