September 24th: We Carry A New World In Our Hearts
A call for a Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Against the War and Capitalism

While the US military rains death in Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever else the "War on Terror" deems necessary, the IMF and World Bank wage an equally deadly war against the people of the world. As these arms of the capitalist machine work abroad to secure land, resources, oil, and cheap labor for the wealth of a privileged few, a War wages right here on our own streets and in our own cities — exposing the American Dream as nothing more than a rotten corpse of bigotry, debt, and corporate and state brutality. Capitalism, and the government which supports it, will use any weapon — bomb and bullet, debt and Structural Adjustment Policy, or poverty and prison — to achieve its end: the exploitation and domination of everything and everyone for profit.

On September 24th, UFPJ and ANSWER will march to demand an end to the war in Iraq, and the Little Eichmanns of the IMF and World Bank will meet en mass to discuss the further subjugation of the "Global South." We refuse to sit idly by as the world is destroyed around us or demand that the systems of domination and oppression reform themselves. We are not just resisting the war and the capitalist state behind it — we are fighting for all our lives! We carry a new world in our hearts with every act of militant resistance to the war machine, the IMF and World Bank, capitalism, and state power.

On September 24th, Anarchist Action, an autonomous network of groups and individuals, has called for a Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Convergence Against the War in San Francisco. Over the summer, Anarchist Action has held several successful (sub)urban insurrections, militant street parties, and marches in and around the Bay Area. We are inspired by our comrades from the West coast, and as they converge on the streets in San Francisco, we too will take to the streets of Washington DC!

We are calling for a Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Against the War and Capitalism on September 24th. Meet at Dupont Circle at 11:30am (where the Mobilization for Global Justice feeder march will also be meeting) and look for a banner and black flags. Please bring your own flags, sturdy banners, clothes to blend in at the march, and other defensive items you might need to oppose the war and the system behind it!