On September 24th, Mutual Aid for New Orleans (MANO), will be collecting supplies and donations for those devastated not just by Hurricane Katrina but by the racism and classism of government-directed “disaster relief.” As radical grassroots collectives have set up relief centers in affected areas and are providing food, medicine, transportation, and other support, the government relief effort is so disorganized that the military, FEMA, and the Red Cross are sending people needing help over to a Wellness Center set up by the Common Ground collective!

We are working with local DC organizations such as Café Mawonaj and MayDay DC, to make sure that all the donations we collect will go directly to the people who need it, both in and around New Orleans, because we believe it is the people themselves who know best how to organize themselves and their needs.

Please bring all donations to the designated MANO area at the UFPJ Peace & Justice Festival on the Washington Monument Grounds from 10am to 4pm.

This is solidarity not charity!

Good donations to bring:
Personal hygiene kits: toothpaste, deodorant, and
shampoo (small traveler size units)
First aid equipment
Vitamins (such as b-complex)
Non-perishable food
Medical supplies
Diabetic testing kits
Anti-mold cleaning supplies
Brita filters and chlorine pills

To contact MANO, pleas e-mail us at  nolamutualaid@yahoo.com