We are happy to announce that the new issue of 4strugglemag is online at www.4strugglemag.org. Please join us in welcoming our new editor, anti-imperialist U.S. political prisoner Bill Dunne.

In this issue we continue to take a hard look at the growing police state in America and its human rights abuses, including the solitary confinement of prisoners. Check out NEW articles by Ron Del Raine, Antonio Guerrero, Michael Africa, art by Rashid and lots more.

4strugglemag can be read online at www.4strugglemag.org. Paper copies are available (four dollars, free to prisoners) by emailing  montrealabcf@gmail.com or writing:

P.O. Box 42053
Succ. Jeanne Mance
Montreal QC
H2W 2T3 Canada

As always, we invite you to participate in the dialogue at www.4strugglemag.org/board. Let our political prisoners know what you think of their work!