HOUR THREE We continue our investigation into the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We look at how the new federal bankruptcy law could add further hardship to the low-income victims of Hurricane Katrina. And we end the show with a slice of Havana - while the Bush Administration continues to refuse the Cuban offer of doctors and medical supplies for the devastated people’s of the Gulf Coast, a big concert was held in Havana on the weekend to galvanize yet more aid for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We speak with rap artist of one of Cuba’s hottest hip hop groups: Doble Filo. And then we are joined in studio by Cuban artist Onel Mulet with his latest stew, or rather funky gumbo of Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz. And today was Deepa's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the WUC team! Feds to double the blow for Katrina victims? GUEST: Travis Plunkett, Legislative director of the Consumer Federation of America Cuban Artists for Hurricane Katrina GUEST: Edgar Gonzalez, member of Doble Filo rap duo, great young MC, also one of Havana's only graffiti artistsGUEST: Onel Mulet Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR TWO As we continue our coverage of US involvement in torture, we speak with human rights attorney Jennifer Harbury whose husband was tortured in Guatemala with CIA blessing. Her latest book says that no one should have been surprised at what happened in Abu Ghraib because it had been alive and well practiced for years in Central America. The United Nations world summit is wrapping up in NY. And there have been some memorable moments. Many world leaders took the chance to speak out, directly and indirectly against US policies. On an artistic note, white supremacy, white legitimacy and appropriation of black culture? We look at a novel that takes hip hop literature to a new level. Author Adam Mansback joins me live. Inside the Corridors of Power ~ The United Nations GUEST: James Paul, Executive Director of Global Policy Forum Inside the Hip Hop Novel. Conversation with Adam Mansbach, GUEST: Adam Mansbach, author of "Angry Black White Boy, or the Miscegenation of Macon Detournay" Reading tonight at Bluestockings, 7 pm with Adam Mansbach and Danyel Smith, hosted by Wakeup Call's Kat Aaron. That's 172 Allen Street b/w Stanton and Rivington. Abu Ghraib was Nothing New. US Role in Torture Exposed GUEST: Jennifer Harbury; Author of “Truth, Torture and the American Way” by Beacon Press *** part 2 coming Wednesday! Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR ONE In our first hour, WUC Senior Producer Errol Maitland is back from his trip to the Gulf Coast and he brings the tragedy and human spirit into our studios. And we take our weekly look at the Hudson Valley with correspondent Don DeBar. Report from the Gulf Coast – Errol Maitland Reports. GUEST: Errol Maitland, WUC Senior Producer just returned from Gulf Coast. Community Bulletin Board A Moment in History from the Pacifica Archives Regional Round Up: Hudson Valley GUEST: Maryknoll Sister Lil Mattingly and Buffalo GUEST: Alice Gerard, Journalist with the Buffalo Alternative Press Africa Commentary with Elombe Brath Commentator: Elombe Brath, Host of Afrikaleidascope on WBAI And Deepa's Mum and Dad join us to wish her a very happy birthday! Download as MP3 || Listen Now!