So let us not forget that while we make slow victories like getting the D.O.T. to reduce the expansion joint covers on the Willy B. Bridge, we are still being needlessly killed in the streets for daring to ride our bikes. Here is another victim of a city which refuses to create a safe infastructure for bikes. Article from 9/17/05 Newsday Grandmother killed by bus in hit-and-runDavid Lepeska and Wil CruzStaff WritersSeptember 17th, 2005 A Manhattan grandmother was struck and killed Friday by a charter bus on the Lower East Side, the apparent victim of a hit-and-run, police said. Jen Shao, 65, was riding her bike off the curb of Gouverneur Lane yesterday about 9:40 a.m. when she tried to turn on Water Street. The bus, traveling north on Water -- a narrow, two-way street with no bike lane -- clipped her, police said. "I saw the woman right after the accident," said Abdul Nannan, 43, who owns a fruit stand about 20 feet from the accident. "She was laying there quietly; there was no blood." "It was almost like she was asleep," he added. Shao was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. Police last night were trying to track the bus in question, but had little leads. No arrests have been made. A sign on a drop box at Water Street urged witnesses to call 718-217-3529 with information about the accident. Neighbors, meanwhile, said Shao moved into her apartment on Catherine Slip in the Alfred E. Smith housing projects about a year ago. She lived there with her adult daughter and two grandchildren, ages 13 and 2. Yvette Miranda, 46, a captain of a tenant patrol in the housing complex, and other residents said Shao could be seen riding her bicycle every day."She always rode her bike in the morning," Miranda said. "But where she was going, I don't know. "She was very quiet," she added. "But she always said hello to me." Also in nytimes article Metro Briefing NEW YORK MANHATTAN: TOUR BUS KILLS CYCLIST A Chinatown souvenir-shop owner was struck and killed by a tour bus as she rode her bicycle in downtown Manhattan at 9:45 yesterday morning on her way to renew her vendor's license, her daughter and the police said. The bus left the scene of the accident, the intersection of Water Street and Gouverneur Lane, the police said. They said the driver might not have been aware of striking Jen Shao, 65, who owned a shop on Mott Street. Investigators said that they were still searching for the bus and its driver last night. An investigator said that after the collision, witnesses reported seeing Ms. Shao fall under the rear wheels of the bus. The victim rode her blue bicycle often, according to her daughter, Cong Cong Hu, in part because cycling was easier for her than walking. Kareem Fahim (NYT)