Interview with Michael Manville of We discuss the the origins of Freezebox; the philosophy of Freezerbox as an arguent between liberals and libertarians; Freezerbox's most popular article to date; how he became involved with Freezerbox; contributors Adam Bulger, Alexander Zaitchik, Cedric Howe, Matthew Callan and Russ Wellen; the ebb and flow of articles; the quality of writing on internet sites; the role of money in writing articles; writing for blogs and the Freezerbox blog; the pros and cons of IndyMedia; is there enough alternative media; Harpers, Reason, Z Magazine, The Baffler, The New Republic, The New Yorker, People, Time and CNN; advertising in news sources; the most important event in 2005.

Jack from Fosco & Jack's Kickass Podcast calls in.

Featured song is "Work That Body" by Tempestt of Hoodnoiz Entertainment.

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