An Open Letter To Leslie Cagan From A September Action Organizer

(Sept Action is a UFPJ working group, spun off from the Nonviolent
Direct Action working group which is planning the White House CD
on Sept 26. We support this action but are planning a slate of
autonomous direct actions from 23-26 Sept in an effort to provide
anti-authoritarians opportunities to plug into the Sept Mobe. We
have not yet received any monies from UFPJ with which to find
housing space for activists. We are certain Leslie would like to help
us but we urge all anti-authoritarians reading this to write to Leslie
at or call the UFPJ office at (212) 868-5545 in
order to let her know how important it is for UFPJ to support the
work of the anti-authoritarian community as we are all engaged in
the same struggle...thanks so much for helping.
Love and Struggle,
Tom Good)



As you may recall the autonomous/decentralized working group of
the Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) working group (now called the
September Action Collective) is working to bring large numbers of
anti-authoritarian activists to Washington, DC. We are trying to
get people there from Thursday through Monday so they will be able
to participate in all of the resistance actions taking place that
weekend: from the CodePINK vigil on Friday to the White House
action on Monday. We cannot do this without logistical support.

Not to worry:

We are not asking for the moon. $2000 is what we need to procure
adequate space. We need this money yesterday. I am sorry that our
roles are reversed here in that I am asking UFPJ for money when it
is usually the other way around but I have no choice. I have always
donated to UFPJ. Now I am asking for something in return. Something
that will benefit all of us in the anti-war and anti-globalization

Jim Macdonald is my liaison in DC and we could work out the details
of getting the monies to Sept Action through him:
Also on the housing collective is Emily from MGJ:

*** If there is no other way, regard this as a loan with my personal ***
guarantee to raise the funds to repay UFPJ in the streets of DC.
Sept Action has already paid for a table in the Direct Action tent.
We will solicit donations to recover these monies if that is

The anti-authoritarian community is ready to go to DC and give em hell.
We need somewhere to sleep.
Help us please.

Thomas Good,
September Action! Collective