Chavez and Welfare Poets

Chavez and Welfare Poets

Welfano News

September 17, 2005

Welfanos sing: "Ooo ahh! Chavez no se va!"

President Hugo Chavez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was
welcomed to the Bronx yesterday by the cheers of "Ooo ahh, Chavez no se
va, Ooo ahh, Chavez no se va."

Pres. Chavez was in NYC for the Security Council meeting at the United
Nations where he blasted the council's initial document as well as the
council's undemocratic nature, citing the outdated veto ability of five
nation members of the Security Council.

"Who has the obligation to protect other [nations]?
The United States, to protect Iraq, invades Iraq.
The United States, to protect Venezuela, launches a coup in
Venezuela," Pres. Chavez responded when asked about the integrity of
the United Nations.

In contrast to the official U.S government treatment of the Pres.
Chavez, in the Bronx, at the Point CDC, hundreds of people came to meet
and greet the popular Latin America president with music, love and
admiration. The Welfare Poets, who only a month ago traveled to and
performed in Venezuela at the International Youth and Student Festival,
played a funky African 6/8 rhythm as he entered the Live From the Edge
Theatre and greeted local politicians and supporters who were present.

The packed theatre became silent when Pres. Chavez made his way to the
Welfare Poets to meet the members of the crew. Welfare Poets elder,
Angel Rodriguez, presented Pres. Chavez with the latest album, Rhymes
for Treason. Pres. Chavez asked for a translation of the album title to
which Hector responded "rimas (lirica) para la traicion" al
imperialismo. Pres. Chavez went on to say that "capitalism was the
science of destruction," before stopping and talking to each member of
the group.

When asked by Pres. Chavez to perform another song, the Welfare Poets
performed "Se Acabo," a song about the struggle for demilitarization
and decontamination in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Pres. Chavez commented
that one of the first things he did when he was democratically elected
was to end Venezuela's participation in bombing maneuvers in Vieques,
sponsored by the United States Navy, where the navy rented the bombing
range to other nations.

As he bopped and sang "Se Acabooooooooo" with the Welfare Poets and
the gathered crowd, the Welfare Poets went from bomba to hip hop
representing lyrics of liberation with rooted rhythms of Puerto Rico,
Africa and the Americas. Pres. Chavez left the theatre in parade
fashion with the Welfare Poets leading the crowd in a chant of "Ooo
ahh, Chavez no se va, Oo ahh, Chavez no se va."

In the Point's atrium, Palo Monte and Bronx community groups greeted
President Chavez, where he pledged to assist river restoration projects
and played guira to Dominican-Haitian music.

Spirits where high for the Welfare Poets, who less than a month ago
performed in one of Venezuela's "hoods" during the International Youth
and Students Festival and where honored for this chance opportunity to
meet and perform for Pres. Chavez. Pres. Chavez left them saying "The
mere fact that you are producing these rhymes in the belly of the beast
is testament to your strength." They will remember the encounter as it
inspires them to continue playing their role educating, organizing, and
performing for the welfare of people under a system where we don't fare
too well. Bidding Farewell to downpression!

Welfanos of the World Unite!
Support the Bolivarian Revolution!
Condemn Robertson and the US' Government Terrorism against Venezuela
and around the world!
Build a new world of peace and justice!

Quotes of Chavez from and Welfano News
educating, organizing, peforming


Calendar: Celebrate Grito de Lares and Puerto Rican Resistance with
these two events

1) Despierta Boricua: September 23rd, 2005 645am, HecOne of the
Welfare Poets live on air!

Tune in every week to Despierta Boricua, whether you receive a
reminder or
not, 6:45am WBAI 99.5fm or via web stream, for those of you outside of

2)Grito de Lares, Month of Puerto Rican Resistance from Grito de Lares
to Nationalists Uprising
When: September 23rd, 2005 7pm
Where: Maestro Cultural Center 700 Elton Ave., Bronx, NY
#2, 5 to 149th Street and Third ave, walk to 154th street and make a
left onto Elton Ave

Invited Speakers:
Antonio Camacho Negron, former Puerto Rican political prisoner-
Esperanza Martell - Prolibertad, Freedom campaign for Puerto Rican
Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War
Hector Luis Rivera - Welfare Poets - speaking on New Generations of
Dj Mellow G. - spining records and cd's

$5 donation includes food