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Subject: Building Bridges: Jesse Jackson on Reconstruction and Farmworkers Organize with Arturo Rodriguez

Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Rescue - Relief - Relocation - Reunification - Reconstruction
A Community Response to Hurricane Katrina
With the Reverend Jesse Jackson

Looking past the botched rescue efforts, the Rev. Jackson is
Very concerned about the failure to relocate displaced disaster
victims closer to home on public facilities that are available.
The funds that were appropriated are being awarded at no bid
contracts to Corporations like Halliburton and Bechtel with
no consideration for affirmative action or prevailing wages.
The bottom line is for residents to be able to return to their
communities with homes and jobs at a living wage.
Farmworkers Demand Investigation of Grower Threats &
Intimidation in Union Election
with Arturo Rodriguez, President, United Farmworkers of America

Workers voted Sept 1 in a state-conducted secret ballot election on whether
to be represented by the United Farm Workers. Citing widespread
threats and intimidation against Giumarra Vineyards Corp.,the United Farm
Workers formally filed objections to the election. Giumarra workers are
traveling to Sacramento to demand the Agricultural Labor Relations Board
investigate the objections and invalidate the election. 171 challenged ballots
would determine the outcome of the election. Giumarra Vineyards Corp.,
is the world’s largest table grape grower with 4,000 peak season workers
in Kern and Tulare counties. Two farm workers who died from extreme heat
since last year labored at Giumarra. Workers have many other long-standing
grievances including being forced to labor eight hours a day on their knees
with no umbrellas to protect them against the sun, low pay and speedups.
This is the largest farm worker organizing drive since the 1970s.

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