This hour, author and historian Howard Zinn reflects on Hurricane Katrina and the re-emergence of race and class politics to the fore of American public dialogue. Also, Jamaican politician touted to succeed Prime Minister PJ Patterson has died. We look at what this means for the future of Jamaica. And we end the hour with a political comedy duo, a love story between Palestine and Israel.

Howard Zinn Reflects on Katrina
GUEST: Howard Zinn, Author & Historian.
** Howard Zinn speaking tonight with Deepa Fernandes reading from his work: details below**

Jamaican Politician, Dr. Norman Buchanan, Dies ~ Who will succeed PJ Patterson?
GUEST: Cecil Gutzmore, Professor at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus

Palestineand Israel - the Comedy Show?
GUEST: Negin Farsad, the comedy duo Madame Funnypants
GUEST: Alex Zalben

**For more information check out www.madamefunnypants.com

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7 AM Hour
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, thousands of undocumented immigrants affected by the devastation could face deportation if they seek federal disaster relief aid. Also this hour, we continue our coverage of US involvement in torture. We speak with human rights attorney Jennifer Harbury whose husband was tortured in Guatemala with CIA blessing. And talking about torture – well the Guantanamo Hunger Strike continues. We get an update as the United States government is now force feeding the hunger strikers.

Inside the Corridors of Power ~ Capitol Hill
GUEST: Selena Masuta, FSRN Correspondent.

Abu Ghraib was Nothing New. US Role in Torture Exposed.
GUEST: Jennifer Harbury; Author of “Truth, Torture and the American Way” by Beacon Press.

The Guantanamo Hunger Strikes Continue
REPORTER: Mimi Rosenberg, WBAI Producer.
GUEST: David Reims, Attorney for 16 Yemeni’s detained at Guantanamo.

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This hour, we play an excerpt of a fiery debate last Wednesday between British antiwar MP George Galloway and pro-war columnist and author Christopher Hitchens discussing the Bush administration's war against Iraq. And on Long Island there is only one district where the state has determined that the local community has not demonstrated that their district can be managed by themselves, and for that reason the state itself has chosen its school board and a superintendent.

Gallowayvs Hitchens: The Great Debate.
TAPE: Christopher Hitchens, writer and columist. He is author of numerous book, including "Thomas Jefferson: Author of America."
TAPE:George Galloway, British antiwar MP. Speaking tour info: MrGallowayGoesToWashington.com

WUC Coverage of Katrina
From the WUC archive - today we listen to a nurse who stayed in her hospital rather than evacuate New Orleans.

Regional Round Up: Long Island Schools
REPORTER: Dr. Jim Krivo
GUEST: Ronald Ross, Superintendent of Schools in Roosevelt, Long Island

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Join Anthony Arnove and Howard Zinn
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Voices of a People's History of the United States
Wednesday, September 21 at 7:00Pm
Deepa Fernandes will be reading at the event.

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