Australian swastika

Australian swastika

Hiding Your Options

Hiding Your Options

Centreflunk Hiding Your Options

Centreflunk Hiding Your Options

Email to Attorney Generals Department
To Whom It May Concern,
As you guy's are the Legal Representative for The Commonwealth, I thought I should bring these matters
to your attention.
Following are extracts of letters I have obtained from Centrelink's "Hired" Law Firm who are
claiming they "Represent The Commonwealth of Australia".
I have read most Act's of Parliment, The Constitution & what-ever else I could find, & what I have found
is the fact that, they need "Permission" from your Department to be able to state that "They Represent
The Commonwealth of Australia" & I do believe they do not.
Could you please respond ASAP, as I feel these matters are very serious matters that need to be "looked at"
Jason Pickett
Australian Citizen

Please read the following;

We are currently acting for the Commonwealth of Australia in providing advice about a website which misuses the Commonwealth's intellectual property and which is offensive and threatening to Centrelink staff. We have written to Mr Jason Pickett about the website, and also to Apple Inc. in Cupertino California. We understand that an Apple subsidiary hosts the website, and we have requested Apple to do what it can to remove the site as Mr Pickett has refused to do so himself.

It is of course up to you how you respond to Mr Pickett's approach to you. We would only comment that the content and tone of the material on the website speaks for itself.


Michael Will
Sparke Helmore
p: 02 6263 6349
m: 0414 453 721
f: 02 6248 7522

Mr Pickett received an email from a Mr. Michael Will, who "claimed" he represents Centrelink. An email that consisted of only Mr Will's name,
ph# & email address, no letterhead, no contact address, no official anything on this "email" what-so-ever! (Centrelink claims this to be a "Legal Request" as well)
Mr Pickett did not refuse to shut down the site, Mr Pickett requested that Mr Will take Mr Pickett to court to bring these matters before the courts.
The only threats I can see that Mr Pickett has made towards Centrelink staff on his site, are threats of legal action!
& Yes, Mr. Will is right, the content on the site speaks for itself, content given to Mr Pickett, by Centrelink, under Freedom of Information.
Also, as Mr. Will says he is the "Legal Representative" for Centrelink, Mr. Will will be aware that, if Mr Pickett (who I understand is a client of Centrelink)
was to use Centrelinks logo, Mr Pickett would be within his right to use their Logo for the purpose of "criticising" & "reporting of events".
When a Government Department falsifies documents & withholds vital evidence from the Federal Courts, I believe that would fall under "reporting of events".
Centrelink have not only defamed Mr. Pickett on an "internal memo", they have also "altered" Mr Picketts financial records (documented), therefore,
I believe Mr Pickett would have every right to criticise Centrelink & their unethical accounting practices!
Finally, referring to the DMCA, with regards to Apple Mac closing down Mr. Picketts other site, which had nothing to do with the site in question,
I believe Mr. Pickett has a very strong case against Apple Mac for the removal of this site alone, & if Mr. Will is who he says he is, a "Legal Representative",
Mr. Will will also be aware of section 512(f) of the DMCA.

Penalties are provided for knowing material misrepresentations in either a notice or a counter notice. Any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material is infringing, or that it was removed or blocked through mistake or misidentification, is liable for any resulting damages (including costs and attorneys’ fees) incurred by the alleged infringer, the copyright owner or its licensee, or the service provider. (Section 512(f)).

Also read this Email

Dear Sir/Madam
Offensive Comment posted by Jason Pickett 20 May 2005

We act for the Commonwealth of Australia represented by Centrelink.
We have been instructed by our client to write to you about a comment posted by Mr Jason Pickett on your website and located at
We understand that your website aims to provide an open-publishing newswire and website to the public.
We appreciate that your website provides a forum for media makers who are members of disempowered or marginalised
groups to report on news items important to them; to exercise freedom of speech; and to protect individuals' right of
In order to maintain the integrity and quality of your website, we understand you have developed an Editorial Policy
located at
We have reviewed the Perth Indymedia Editorial Policy and wish to raise a few concerns with you arising out of the comment posted by Mr Pickett.
We note that under the heading Notifiable Removals in your Editorial Policy, posts violating the following point
(among other points) are subject to notifiable removal:
* Posts which use language, imagery, or other forms of communication to promote racism, fascism, xenophobia,
homophobia, sexism etc., or any other form of discrimination.

We understand Mr Pickett's comment is accompanied by two images that are fashioned in the shape of Nazi Swastikas.
The image of most concern is the Centrelink logo that has been reworked to resemble a Swastika, thereby making
the suggestion that Centrelink is associated with or supports the practices and objectives of the Nazi regime.
Centrelink is a service delivery agency of the Commonwealth of Australia established under the Commonwealth
Services Delivery Agency Act 1997.
Centrelink is not and never has been associated with the Nazi regime or fascist ideology; therefore, in accordance
with your Editorial Policy we request that this image is removed from Mr Pickett's comment.
Further, Mr Pickett's comment also provides a link to a website located at (Centreflunk).
Our client is concerned that by providing a link to the Centreflunk website, Mr Pickett's comment is contrary to
two other points described under Notifiable Removals in your Editorial Policy, that is:

* Posts which publish identifying information without the individual's knowledge or consent.
Note: The Editorial collective may choose to delete posts which publish personal identifying information without the
individual's knowledge or consent.
* Abuse of others in the form of personal attacks.
Indymedia is not a space for people to play out personal vendettas.
The Centreflunk website has published the names and contact details of a number of individuals employed by Centrelink,
without the knowledge or consent of those individuals.
This identifying information is not generally available to the public. The website also contains examples of threats made
by Mr Pickett against individuals employed by Centrelink.
These are personal attacks that have been made repeatedly by Mr Pickett against the individuals named by Mr Pickett on
the Centreflunk website.
Therefore, we also request that the link to the Centreflunk website is removed from Mr Pickett's comment.
We understand from your Editorial Policy that you strive to make decisions in the most democratic, transparent and
accountable manner.
Therefore, if you have any questions or comments or if we can assist you in any way in attending to our requests,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully
Michael Will
(02) 6263 6349