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- Cutbacks on the right to demonstrate
The use of ambiguous phrasing prevents establishing with precision what people still have the right to call demonstrations and what people have lost this fundamental right

- Conclusions on the Jarrai-Haika-Segi trial
Violations of several rights of the accused were observed throughout the proceedings

- Two police forces 11 incommunicado detainees
Several of the detainees complained they were subjected to pressure and threats and beaten while in police custody

- Behatokia addressed the UN Human Rights Sub-commission on the issue of antiterrorist measures and human rights

The full text is available in the “Infos” section of this web page.

- Greater distances and more accidents caused by the policy of dispersal
The last 20 prisoners transferred have been taken to jails even further away from the Basque Country

- Iñaki de Juana Chaos: arbitrary incarceration
He is under a preventive imprisonment order, accused of “membership of an armed group” and “terrorist threats” for having written two articles in a newspaper.

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