This morning (wed. 21st of Sept) the police again attacked Camp Casey NYC in Union Sq.. This time destroying all the encampment supplies: table, chairs, canopy, water storage equipment literature, racks, etc.. The police attack was particularly injurious to the homeless caretakers of Camp Casey. Tute and Rose, a graying, Afro- American couple, who lovingly and ardently cared for the encampment, had all their personal belongings seized and destroyed.
This is the third major attack on Camp Casey. The one preceding this was the attack on the Cindy Sheean rally.
Supplies and support are needed to maintain the infrastructure of the encampment and to see to if that Tute and Rose can carry on. Come to Camp Casey at anytime and find out what you can do to help. The basic needs are modest but your moral support is priceless.

Sterling Brooks