Continuing their fascist provocations, today Wednesday 21st September 2005, around 7p.m., and during the arranged weekly meeting of comrades, about 15 member of the so-called gang “Antiauthoritarian Move/ment” (A.M.), came outside the offices of the Anarchist Archive of Thessaloniki and the Anarchist Group BACK TO THE STREETS, which operate since November 2000 and are open twice weekly, every Wednesday and Saturday, armed with helmets and iron sticks. 1-2 of them stepped inside saying “what’s up you pu…?” and “let’s go to the campus (the student campus) to fight” and… gave us a …timeline to gather people, just like the godfathers of mafia, who obviously they want to immitate! Immediately we stood up, the 5 comrades who were inside, holding helmets and sticks, ready to face the new fascist provocations of the punk bullyboys of “A.M.”. Then they stepped back and stood in front of the entrance of our offices. After making clear that we will not have any kind of dialogue with them, they started their usual coward threats, like “we will beat you every day”, “you will have no teeth” etc.. Their threats were immediately answered… “u will fart on my balls” etc., then they started to move back saying “not now”, “we shall see each other” etc. We told them “do whatever you want”. It’s amazing that one of them was amazed that we are “continuing”, probably thinking that we would act like sheep who obey fascist gangs like them. The punk bullyboys expected that we would be afraid of this gang that sings as “Antiauthoritarian”!
The co-operation of the “A.M” with the state, communist and left parties, and snitches journalists of mass media, is well know by the whole society.
We informed other comrades and they came to the Anarchist Archive. Short before we close our offices, members of “A.M.” appeared again, this time around 30 people and standed 30 metres away in both directions. A comrade went out wearing a helmet and started to provoke them, slogans were shouted like “COPS AND STALINISTS UNITED AS A FIST”. We have to note here that the stance of a comrade was unacceptable when she standed next to the comrade and adressed the members of the “A.M.”: “ok guys, it’s over” and other comrades said to them: “it’s not over, come if you dare”. Later we went out with a PA-sound system and adressed to the neighbourhood, reading from the sound system the following text: “ This moment, punk bullyboys of the “A.M.” have surrounded the offices of the Anarchist Archive of Thessaloniki. The well known for its co-operation with the state, political parties, the Left, the journalists, A.M. is continuing their fascist provocations, in their attempt to supress anarchists. The fascist provocations of the A.M. will be retaliated by any means. COPS AND STALINISTS UNITED AS A FIST”. Following some threats, we told them “go to Sk… (a so-called anarchist who is co-operating with the state) and “Eleftherotipia” (a mass newspaper where they send announcements regurarly). Shortly after that they started to move away, obviously frightened from the social dimensions of this matter. One of those scumbags started to take pictures and one of them said to the comrade with the sound system “we know well each other”, making gestures that he would stab him.
This was a new provocation of the well known fascist gang that describe themselves as “antiauthoritarians”, following the clashes in the student dorm in Thessaloniki this last Saturday, where some bullyboys of “A.M.” held a comrade hostage for 6 hours and beat him. Then 50 anarchists went in solidarity with the comrade from the anarchist infoshop “NADIR” (in the student dorm building), attacked these punks and sent to the hospital 3-4 members of “A.M.” for a couple of days.
The terrorism against anarchists, using stalinist, mafia and secret-police tactics, will not pass.
It’s not in our intentions to participate in a gang war, but our self-defense as anarchists will not be ignored. And, of course, we will not hold any responsibility for whatever happens in the future…

*for the better information of some english-speaking comrades, we have to add, that this whole thing started when some electronic devices were missing from a school in the campus where the “A.M” and others, had some meetings and festivals in solidarity for the immigrant Bahoz, who was on hunger strike in May. Unfortunately, he is one of the participants of these mafia-style attacks now. Then specific comrades were considered “guilty” and a series of attacks and invasions in anarchists’ houses took place. For example they have stolen 1 laptop, 1 video projector, 1 mobile phone and other things from anarchist comrades and continue to go and find comrades and threaten them in order to reveal them the houses of other comrades! More information on,,