American friends:

TEIC, a group of researchers that have some answers to the tragedy of Katrina, tried to mobilize the initiative of our Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin. Here is the result, which we reported to the Canadian Electors, because we are having a federal election after December:

Canadian Electors,

The global group of researchers that I manage, TEIC, offered “voluntary technical assistance” to Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, in relation to the disaster of Katrina that even now, is very far from being resolved. In fact, at the pace we are going today, with the total and unrestricted charity of the whole world, it will take years to restore a minimum standard of living to the victims.

TEIC is researching since the eighties the ways to reorient the global economy to allow every country to be self-sufficient, capable to cope with the present hunger and poverty imposed by the fraud of globalization. The technical action necessary to achieve results requires the collaboration of all the members of the United Nations. Real economics is a simple procedure where an action is necessary to achieve the expected reaction. (This is a fundamental principle that is learnt in High School). All politicians misguide the people allowing them to believe that fancy speeches are enough to be elected. Once in Parliament God, perhaps, will take care of implementing the political rhetoric.

Our suggestion to the Prime Minister was simple: to send a personal representative to the General Assembly of the United Nations with modern economic proposals capable to allow the President of the United States, the very disliked Mr. Bush, to use the resources of federal reserves to give complete and immediate assistance to each victim, until reaching a new satisfactory standard of living. Now, the problem with real, honest, bread-and-butter economics is that you just cannot select the privileged beneficiaries of the economy. Human Economics must benefit all the people, if any new action is going to be taken. Human Economics is the materialization of democracy, not that of Bush or other neo-fascists, but the one that preaches and practices Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Human Economics is that democracy applied to the matters of trade and commerce.

Consequently, this hypothetic envoy of Mr. Martin would have presented a complete program of overhauling the global economy capable to help Mr. Bush as well as all the countries in the Third World to stop the death of a child every 3 seconds, or to reconstruct Iraq by means available to Iraq, etc, etc. I have the impression that Mr. Martin wasn’t very happy with our proposals because it means “immediate access to democracy and prosperity for the whole world”. Well, I am guessing because the Prime Minister’s staff did not bother to acknowledge receipt of our offer to help the victims of Katrina. At least, it would have been good public relations for the Prime Minister himself. Anyhow, we neither seek nor want favors. That’s why we can afford to express contempt for politicians.

We will have to be patient in our desire to help the Katrina victims, the children that die every 3 seconds, etc… until the next election, when apolitical Independent Candidates will be elected to rally behind Layton to form a government of reunification and reconciliation. That government would not be owned by the fraud of globalization or by the corruption of Washington. That government will not hesitate to go to the United Nations to bear good greetings to Humanity.

Jorge Torrealba, Director General, Techno Economics International Consultants,
Halifax, NS, Canada or

Note: Our treatise on Human Economics is in the hands of our publisher. Perhaps in 4 to 6 weeks TEIC will be pleased to announce that it is available, and where it can be purchased. If interested in the UNESCO program of socialization of information, under which Counter Attack is being published, kindly peruse: