The Movement (A Poem)
by Michael Swecker Wednesday September 21, 2005 at 11:16 PM

My words are always written with love and peace in my heart. I wrote this tonight thinking how much this site has grown. Here's to hoping the movement will continue to grow and change the world forever, creating a world beyond our most idealistic dreams.

views and theories seldom known nor heard from
formed in the shadow of society
deemed the result of insobriety
rather the witness of inpropriety

for if certain secrets revealed
so might vanish this sense of righteousness we feel
and if this manifest destiny shall lose its zeal
and if calls for peace and justice shall become ever the social appeal
might the masters of man and machine pause, think, and kneel?
to something greater than themselves,
something more real

it's all this unknown injustice
that a white yuppie might grab a pen and bust this
I'm not saying trust this
cause' to question should always be on the must list

particulary to persons passing policy
for power provides gates, our formed greed the key
and it seems they have turned it repeatedly

protestant and priviliged, my possessions pine and persuade to let it be
life's been good to me
but I can not sit and watch a DVD
as illusions of equality and democracy
are promoted through every mean

on my fellow comrades I will lean
as we expose sequestered atrocities,
never props of the scene
the power of the people swarms
becoming the feign of the mainstream