Hey, I guess no one felt moved to respond to my question. Who's planning on going to DC for the big march on Saturday? My guess is that this one's going to be huge. What do you think? One of my best highschool friends lives in DC. So, another great highschool friend and I will be heading out to her place on Friday and plan to combine "old-home-week" with protest. I can't remember feeling better about going to a protest, since neither one of these friends of mine is a "usual suspect" leftoid like myself. What are your plans for the march? Are you going on the bus? Are you going with friends? And what's your guess, do you think it will be big, big, big? Has Cindy Sheehan mobilized the masses? Updates about Saturday....Codepink has a schedule of events here. For non-violent civil disobedience see UFPJ here For list of sponsors and participants go here For anti-world bank, IMF actions during the same week in DC, go here and here For the US Campaign to End the Occupation go here For an interesting behind-the-scenes discussions about UFPJ and others see this discussion about anarchists and the UFPJ. For some informed discussion of internecine ANSWER/UFPJ shennanigans, go to the angry white kid blog. all for now, before my browser crashes. once again....head count please? If you know of other important feeder marches that you think people might want to join, or if you know of groups going, please post them in your comments and I will add them to subsequent posts.