8AM HOUR Nation wide anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-many-things rallies are scheduled for this weekend. We want to know what you think - are you going to protest this weekend, and if so, why? What particularly is outraging you the most? We take your calls. We also discuss the shifting strategy of United for Peace and Justice. Later, we speak with a peace activist who was arrested while vacationing in Australia, for speaking out against the war and helping organize a rally against Halliburton. He tells us his story. And we were talking earlier this morning about the proposed arena in Brooklyn and the loss of people's homes and businesses. A new film blends documentary and fiction to look at the spread of mall culture and what chain stores mean for our lives. The director of Chain joins us in the studio. Targeting Democrats in the Weekend's Mass Mobilizations GUEST: Leslie Cagan, United for Peace and Justice Peace Activist Jailed the Deported from Australia GUEST: Scott Parkin, Arrested and Deported from Australia for anti-war activism The Mall Superculture Hits the Big Screen GUEST: Jem Cohen, director of CHAIN Audio coming soon 7 AM HOUR Rivers in Southwest India have overflowed embankments, leaving 56 dead and more than 1,000 people unaccounted for. We look at the Indian evacuations. Also, residents of downtown Brooklyn are struggling to stave off eviction and protect their homes as Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project moves relentlessly forward. And the White House is throwing a National Book Festival this Saturday and literature greats from around the country have been invited. One poet, Sharon Olds, declined the invitation. She joins us with her scathing yet poetic RSVP to First Lady Laura Bush. Flash Floods in Southwest India GUEST: Ms Sudar, Human Rights Forum in the Vijaywada district of Andra Pradeshthat has been hit hard by the storms. Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards a Step Closer to Being Owned by Ratner GUEST: Daniel Goldstein, Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn spokesman RSVP To Laura Bush GUEST: Sharon Olds, Poet and Professor of Creative Writing at NYU Audio coming soon 6AM HOUR This hour we play an excerpt of a fiery debate last Wednesday between British antiwar MP George Galloway and pro-war columnist and author Christopher Hitchens discussing the Bush administration's war against Iraq. We discuss the work done in the Newark area for the victims of Katrina, which includes most recently a shipment of goods in a truck to Louisiana. And we be talk to Jocinta White, who is still doesn't know where her family is. Galloway v Hitchens: The Great Debate TAPE: Christopher Hitchens, writer and columnist. He is author of numerous book, including "Thomas Jefferson: Author of America."TAPE: George Galloway, British antiwar MP. Speaking tour info: MrGallowayGoesToWashington.com Cindy Sheehan on Hurricane Katrina Reporter: Errol MaitlandGUEST: Cindy Sheehan Regional Round Up: NJ REPORTER: Ruth Bauer NuestadterGUEST: Larry Hamm, People's Organization for Progress,GUEST: Jocinta White, has many members of her family missing in New Orleans Audio coming soon