Gather to invent a new network of students, workers, young insurgents

One that's not afraid of agitating, educating and ORGANIZING OURSELVES,
every day, in solidarity with autonomous struggles around the world

In Occupied Washington, D.C.

Saturday, September 24, 4PM

Meet up on the mall @ the haupt garden
10th st & independence ave sw
behind the smithsonian castle & metro

As people stand up in the militant defense of life against empire, from
Louisiana to the Lacandon Jungle, Baghdad to Buenos Aires...

As the U.S. government robs the lives and dreams of countless Iraqis and
Americans, "bringing the troops home" to train their guns on the poor...

As our schools teach us to submit to corporate or military servitude, jack
up our tuitions and screw us into eternal debt...

As our jobs, when we can find them, pay the same or less than they did a
generation ago while the bosses make a killing off our unorganized backs...

As our communities are privatized and gentrified into the ground...

Our bodies and our relationships threatened with total control...

Our movements coopted or crushed by the state and its friends...

Our senses numbed to the daily possibilities of recovery and rebellion...

Can we imagine a decentralized network where the young insurgents of our
generation can relate horizontally, communicate openly, and act directly?
When our companeros anywhere in the world call for our solidarity, can we
be readier to amplify that call and answer it everywhere we are?

Can we imagine a network where we have each other's backs, whether from up
close or far away? A network that could help us exchange mutual aid across
regions? Share resources for popular education and autonomous culture?

Coordinate direct actions, strikes, popular assemblies, sustained
campaigns in our schools, workplaces, neighborhoods? Spin new threads to
tie down this war machine and not just march in circles around it?
Converge. Multiply.

Across the occupied USA, so much is already coming out of local
collectives, student groups, wildcat unions, community organizations run
by young people themselves. But fingers can always gather to make fists.

We will continue these conversations in Washington, D.C. as thousands come
together in the hopes of posing a few problems for the masters of war and
profit. We hope to make those problems last and make each others struggles
our own. We hope to see you in the streets and on the mall.

*Who are we? We're young people with target signs on our backs and new
worlds in our hearts. Students in or out of school and workers in or out
of jobs. We are inspired by the struggles of ordinary people in New
Orleans, Chiapas, Argentina, Iraq, and everywhere else people struggle.
And like the rest, we're done waiting for someone else to come along and
do it for us.*