Anarchists say: END THE WAR! END THE STATE!
Statement of The Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists

Many liberals feel that it was wrong to invade Iraq; that, though the United States has used the crime of 9/11 to justify a war for geopolitical power, wealth and oil and created disaster upon disaster in that country, it has a responsibility to stay there to restore order and to repair a ruined infrastructure. Other liberals feel Iraq should be handed over to NATO or the U.N. But these are coalitions of imperialist governments with motives similar to the U.S. The Iraqis will gain nothing by being occupied by more foreign armies than by, mostly, just one. Anarchists recognize that we cannot trust the U.S. imperialist state to act any better than it has already. On no account will the U.S. help the Iraqis gain real democracy and freedom. The U.S. must immediately withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, and withdraw all support from Israel. Supporting the continued occupation of Iraq is a justification for the continued imposition of U.S. dominance.

Iraqi workers and peasants have the right to determine the fate of their own country. They have every right to armed resistance against foreign occupiers. We give no political support to the semi-fascists who would impose a religious dictatorship over the women and other workers of Iraq or the rest of the Middle East but we want the U.S. to lose its wars of aggression. We urge U.S. soldiers and their families to oppose this war and to demand the soldiers be brought home now. We support all efforts to resist military recruitment of young people, on and off school grounds. There must be no draft. Registration for the draft must be ended immediately.

All real popular gains have been won outside of the electoral system. Slavery of African-Americans in this country was ended with illegal runaways, revolts, and, ultimately, with a civil war. Legal segregation was defeated with civil disobedience. Urban rebellions brought anti-discrimination and affirmative action laws. Unions were won through mass sit-down strikes in major industries. Women's rights were won with consciousness-raising and mass demonstrations. Gay rights began to be recognized with the Stonewall Rebellion. The struggle against the war in Vietnam was won with the armed resistance of the Vietnamese people and, in the U.S., with large legal and illegal demonstrations, campus strikes, widespread draft resistance, and a virtual mutiny in the army. The mainstream antiwar movement focuses on electing Democrats or third party politicians but it is only through mass struggle, outside of and against the State, that we can successfully stop this war. In particular, we should aim for political strikes, using the unique strategic power of workers to stop society in its tracks, recreating it on a new and better basis.

The war and other social evils are caused by a bad social system. They are not caused by the bad policies of politicians. At the heart of this system is capitalism, by which a few rich people drain off the wealth produced by everyone else. This class system supports, and is supported by, all other forms of oppression: of women, of people of color, of poorer nations, of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered people, and so on. Holding it all together is the nation state, the special layer of police, military, bureaucrats, politicians, lobbyists, and others that stand over the rest of us. The nation state is a war-waging machine in the service of the rich. Without war -- preparing for war and paying for war -- there would hardly be nation states. To end all wars, we must end all states.

What is revolutionary socialist anarchism? Anarchism means the abolition of all forms of oppression. Instead of the State, we advocate a federation of democratic associations. Instead of capitalism, we advocate a federation of self-managed workplaces, industries, associations, and communes. To achieve such a society, we must bring an end to patriarchy, white supremacy and class domination; smash State power; expropriate the wealth of the rich; abolish the wage system and market economy; and seize the means of productions and distribution for the benefit of society as a whole. This means nothing short of social revolution, which can only emerge from autonomous mass movements and the revolutionary self-activity of the working class.

September 24, 2005

Open City Anarchist Collective, New York City,
Nemesis Collective, Baltimore, Maryland,
Capital Terminus Collective, Atlanta, Georgia,
PO Box 250-159, Columbia University Station, NY, NY 10025