Independent Media Group subMedia ( has
released a music video to accompany the track 'George
Bush Don't Like Black People' by the Legendary

This is an effort to keep the mantra going "George Bush Don't Like Black
People" and raise awareness to George Bush's racist policies. The video
can be downloaded at
At the time of this writing "the
clip has been downloaded more than 40,000 times" said subMedia's Franklin Lopez. "We feel the video has touched
a nerve and we are putting all our efforts into spreading it as far and wide
as possible to keep the issue alive."
To support this effort subMedia has placed a full
resolution DV version on its Bit Torrent server to facilitate the dissemination
to independent television producers who might want to broadcast the video
on their shows. "We are
not only asking indy TV producers but also radio DJ's to
download the MP3 and play it on their radio stations." Lopez added.
This announcement comes on the heels of a massive
demonstration planned for September 22nd in Washington DC in opposition to the Bush Administration's
racist policies at home and abroad.
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