Are you tired of marching around in circles at symbolic protests in Washington, DC? Are you tired of boring rallies and activism that never involves civil disobedience or direct action? Are you tired of fake coalitions run by the Democratic Party or some obscure Marxist-Leninist party? Are you wondering why there weren't any national anti-war protests last year? Do you want to put an end to imperialism, the war machine, capitalism, and the right wing religious extremists running this country.

It's time to start building a better alternative. Join the Anti-Authoritarians Against the War Network which consists of hard-working grassroots people who are fighting against the war in your community or a city or town near you. We operate an egalitarian, cooperative network where the agenda is set by people like you. We want to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and stop any future wars from happening. The War Against Iraq and other imperialist wars can only be stopped by a network of committed people working together, not by the same old rallies in Washington parks.

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