Highlights from the Anti-War Rally, Washington DC with

Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Steve Earle
Joan Baez
Washington Wizards Basketball Forward Etan Thomas
Representative from the Louisiana Network
Drop Dead or Drop the Debt?:
What are the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, who are
Holding Their First Global Meetings After the G-8 Summit Really
Saying to the Poor!

with Rick Rowden, Senior Policy Analyst, ActionAid International USA
The fate of much the world’s poor is particularly at stake during this year’s
September meetings of the World Bank and IMF. On the table is the debt of
the poorest countries, the actual feasibility of the United Nation’s Millennium
Development Goals to end poverty, and the need to revise lending restrictions
that are deemed by as responsible for increasing the burdens of the


with SAMEER DOSSANI, Director of 50 Years Is Enough
In a joint statement, the 50 Years is Enough Network, said: "Contrary
to the fanfare surrounding the conclusion of the July G-8 summit in
Scotland, the impoverished country debt crisis has not been solved nor
has the G-8 debt agreement been implemented as of yet."
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