HOUR THREE Today's edition of Wakeup Call was hosted by WUC producer Kat Aaron, with our engineer and technical director Errol Maitland. While thousands gathered this weekend for major anti-war protests in San Francisco and Washington, the International Tribunal on Haiti also met in DC. Today, the first excerpt from the tribunal hearings. Hurricane Rita was far less devastating than anticipated, but it still hit the Gulf Coast hard. Traffic was backed up for miles in the biggest traffic jam this country’s ever seen. As in New Orleans, many lacked transportation out of town. We’ll hear from people who tried to leave and failed. While Houston was largely spared, Rita reflooded New Orleans – we get a report from the 9th ward. We hear the voices of soldiers stationed in Falluja in 2004. They’re featured in a new movie, Operation Dreamland – the directors join us in the studio. Hurricanes Rita and Katrina GUEST: Malik Rahim, from New Orleans plus interview by Ryme Katkhouda of the DC Radio Coop with a New Orleans resident under attack from the police. Haiti Tribunal with guest host Marguerethe Dominique Occupation Dreamland GUESTS: Garrett Scott and Ian Olds, filmmakers of Occupation Dreamland, now at Cinema Village. Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR TWO It was a busy weekend in Washington, with hundreds of thousands gathering for a massive anti-war march. We hear from the speeches and the streets. This weekend was the Grito de Lares in Puerto Rico, the celebration of resistance against colonialism and repression. The FBI chose that day to assassinate Puerto Rican freedom fighter Filiberto Ojeda Rios – and Puerto Ricans and their allies are outraged. We speak with Pro Libertad. Were people’s human rights violated during the non-response to Hurricane Katrina? A new group is collecting testimonials from evacuees. Human Rights and Hurricane Katrina GUEST: Sharda Sekaran, Director of the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative Filiberto Ojeda Rios Presente! GUEST: Esperanza Martell, ProLibertad GUEST: Attorney Jorge Farinacci, President of the Socialist Front Make Levees Not War - a look at the DC rally GUEST: Darby Hickey, with the DC Radio Coop with speeches recorded by Ryme Katkhouda Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR ONE San Francisco also had a huge anti-war rally. In this hour, we hear some highlights of that event. In our regional roundup, we go to upstate New York, where local shelter residents have a proposal to fight homelessness in the area. And in a timely move, while Hurricane Katrina has at least temporarily brought issues of race to the fore, activists are organizing anti-racism seminars. San Francisco Anti-War Rally Speeches from the protests this weekend - thanks to our colleagues at KPFA! Hudson Valley Regional Roundup REPORTER: Don Debar GUEST: Karen Fracassi GUEST: Robin Alpern Download as MP3 || Listen Now!