8AM HOUR In our third hour, we look education in NY. Imagine a vision for New York City schools based on human rights! And this Friday marks yet another tragic anniversary for the people of Haiti. It was September 30, 1991 that the United States government and its Haitian supporters carried out what has been called 'an assassination of democracy in Haiti'. We'll look back, and hear about a mass mobilization in Brooklyn to commemorate. Next, we look at the devastation caused to the Honduran community in the Gulf Coast region where many with strong ties to this Central American nation have found themselves displaced, homeless and some are still missing. We speak to the Honduran Consul General of NY. And, Ray Barretto, legendary NuYorican conguero, long-time bandleader, Grammy-award winner and international musical innovator joins us! A look at DC Rally REPORTER: Leslie George, WUC news editorGUEST: Scott Camille, Vietnam veteran and anti-war activist A Vision for New York City Schools Based on Human Rights! GUEST: Ellen Raider, the Independent Commission on Public Education. **** Education is a Human Right Campaign-Press Conference **** to be Held on the Steps of City Hall on Wednesday, September 28 at 4:30 p.m. For further information, please call iCOPE at (718) 499-375614 Years Since First "Assassination of Democracy" in Haiti GUEST: Dahoud Andre, co-producer and host of the radio program Lakou New York. ****Protest Saturday, October 1, at Holy Innocent Church @ 9:00AM **** For more information call (718) 670-3228 or (516) 489-4365 Honduras and New Orleans GUEST: Lisandro Rosales, Consul General of Honduras in New York Latin Jazz Legend Ray Barretto Joins Us GUEST: Ray Barretto, Latin Jazz Legend Audio coming soon 7AM HOUR We also look at the land grab that is going on in New Orleans. If you're poor, black and owned property… watch out! An unscrupulous real estate agent may be about to swoop in on your misfortune and buy you out of house and home. We also look at predatory deed theft going on right here in our own city! In what has become a worrying pattern, unsuspecting homeowners end up signing their deed over to unscrupulous people who pose as "foreclosure rescuers" Well guess what, new research finds that these folks hardly ever get their deeds back. We investigate. And , we also hear more damning evidence from the Haiti tribunal that took place last Friday in DC. Land Grab in New Orleans GUEST: James Perry, Greater New Orleans Housing Association Deed Theft in New York City GUEST: Josh Zinner, Director of Foreclosure Prevention Program of SouthBrooklyn Legal Services GUEST: Sarah Ludwig, Director of the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP) International Haiti Tribunal Meets in DC Tape: Testimony from the Haiti Tribunal held in DC Friday Sept 23, 2005. Audio coming soon 6AM HOUR We begin Wakeup Call with an excerpt from a fiery speech by anti-war MP George Galloway at the weekend's anti-war rallies. And we continue our hurricane coverage of the aftermath of both Katrina and Rita: We hear from Joy Leary who has written extensively about Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. And we examine further the proposal by Broadwater Energy to build a liquid natural gas terminal in the middle of Long Island Sound which has generated tremendous controversy on both the Connecticut and New York sides of the Sound. Anti-War MP George Galloway addresses DC RallyTape: Speech of George Galloway TAPE: Speech of George Galloway SpeechPsychological Effects of Katrina on African Americans www.MrGallowayGoesToWashington.com Psychological Effects of Katrina on African Americans GUEST: Joy Leary, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Portland State University and writer about the effects of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome on the African American community. Opposition to Liquid Natural Gas Terminal comes from CT GUEST: Joel Rinebold -- energy expert and consultant to Broadwater on the LNG project GUEST: Leah Schmalz, Legislative and Legal Affairs Director of Save the Sound, a program of Connecticut Fund for the Environment, which is spearheading the opposition in Connecticut to the LNG terminal Audio coming soon