Poems Against War, a binannual journal dedicated to pro-peace and anti-war poetry, published its fourth issue: A Positive Vision. It features 7 poets, looks at both contemporary issues and visions for a better future, and costs two dollars.

Poems Against War is available in N.Y.C. at St Mark's Books; in Baltimore at Minas Gallary (36th Avenue, Hampden), Red Emma's Bookstore and Coffeehouse (800 St. Paul); and in D.C. at Trover's (221 SE Penn.), Capital Hill Books (C Street, SE), Bridge Street Books (Georgetown), and at the Brian MacKenzie Infoshop.

From ''Poem for the Living''

Squads of tanks and soldiers
pass crowds in business casual
to invade overseas for oil.

Under a Saturday March sun
parading draws shoppers and children
as dogs lope through nubile buds....

The workweek rehauls itself
onto buses, subways, into cars,
as elsewhere populations flashbulb to dust.