Dear Radical Friends-

A MidAtlantic Radical Book Fair is being planned for Spring 2006 in Baltimore, MD. This seems like a great time to run an infoshop gathering. We have a lot to gain by working together to create a solid network of like-minded people: both improving our own respective infoshops and having an international resource for mass mobilizing efforts. Topics could include:

What is an infoshop and why do we do this work?

Paid workers versus volunteers

Pros and cons of getting nonprofit status and how to do it

How do we make infoshops relevant and useful outside a punk/anarchist community?

How to start an infoshop: What problems and successes have infoshops had?

Luddites versus tech geeks: what role does technology play in infoshops?

Unionizing collective workplaces: How do we unionize when all the workers are also the owner?

As of late September 2005, this project is in its initial planning stages. We're looking for the following:

1) People who are interested in planning and organizing the infoshop gathering

2) Ideas and/or presenters for workshops, suggestions for how this gathering would be most helpful to you and your infoshop, thoughts about how to structure the gathering

3) Contact information for infoshops in your area

4) Any other ideas or constructive energy

E-mail infoshop @ with any questions/ideas/concerns or to be added to the Infoshop gathering listserv. If you have questions about the book fair itself or would like to help out, please e-mail maabf @ (remove the spaces around the "@" in the email addresses first).