Interview with Jessica about her experiences fleeing Hurricane Katrina. We discuss evacuating for Hurricane Ivan last year; why no one leaves during hurricanes; evacuating for Hurricane Katrina; what she took with her and what she had to leave behind; what her friends took with them; going to a chicken farm in Tyler, Mississippi; running out of gas in Jackson, Mississippi and the stranger who helped her; family she’s never met before; how the hurricane clarified what’s really important; caravaning to Dallas, Texas; the protective nature of southern men; sleeping on her first bed in Santa Fe, New Mexico since leaving New Orleans; the Red Cross in Las Vegas, Nevada; how people reacted when they found that she was from New Orleans; Molly’s Irish Pub & Restaurant and its tradition when other bars close; when she plans to go back home; mold, water damamge and water contamination; grieving for a city; how New Orleans might change for the better; corruption in New Orleans and Doonesbury comic strip commentary; possible suspension of minimum wage; what she has learned from this experience; come back to New Orleans.

Featured song is “Video Game Junkie” by Joshua Brookhoff on ROA Records.

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